“SEO”  is a process to increase the organic visibility of your webpage/webpages on SERP(Search Engine Result Page) by following the certain guidelines which are being provided by Google.

SEO is not done for websites, it is being done on webpages.

What is Golden triangle ?

Its represents that parts of the organic listing, which are viewable on SERP  without scrolling down.

It is very important to be a part of golden triangle to drive the required traffic.

There are three different ways to practise SEO.

On Page Seo

It does relates to all those activities which are being done within the boundaries of the website. Ex-Adding good contents(Quality,Quantity)

It does relates to all the activities which are being done beyond the boundaries of your website.

The most important techniques under OFF page Seo is creation of backlinks.

Local Seo

Its relates to integrating Google Maps within the targeted website for better location based searches via the creation of Hcards.

The three most essential parts of seo

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